El Bullfight Forum of Cartagena, presided by Francisco Vera held one of its traditional meetings with their partners, in which, among other issues, the intimate link between flamenco and bullfighting was discussed, an issue on which our Mayor and Executive Chairman of the Cante de las Minas Foundation, Francisco Bernabé has lectured.

In this sense, Bernabé has shown the path undertaken by the Festival del Cante de las Minas two years ago, distinguishing major bullfighters, meaning they eventually visited La Unión. Figures such as José Mari Manzanares and Enrique Ponce of whom some touching images were projected with a background of flamenco music, will this year have continuity with the attendance of Juan Antonio Ruiz «Espartaco» who will receive a Gold Castillete as did his two predecessors.

The event was well attended by the public, more than 200 people including the noteworthy presence of the Chief Admiral of the Maritime Action Force, Salvador Delgado, Admiral of the Arsenal, Fernando Zumalacárregui and Commissioner of the National Police, Alfonso Navarro, among other authorities.

During the event  the career of the young Murcia sword fight Filiberto was also discussed, a true budding figure in the world of bullfighting, and the book «Bullfighting stories», by Marcial Garcia was also presented.

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Presentación de la LXIII Edición del Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas, durante la última edición de la Feria internacional de Turismo FITUR, acompañados por los artistas Pitingo, Rubén Olmo, Ricardo Fernández del Moral, Carlos Piñana y Miguel Ángel Orengo.

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