A spectacular performance that will combine cinema with the music of Pepe Bao, winner of the award for Best Instrumentalist in the last edition of the La Unión Flamenco Festival, scheduled to take place on Friday, February 28th in Murcia.

The General Director for Cultural Industries and Arts, Juan Antonio Lorca, and the Mayor of La Unión and Executive Chairman of the Cante de las Minas Foundation, Francisco Bernabé, this morning presented a novel cultural initiative to be hosted by the Murcia Regional Film Archive on Friday, February 28th, beginning at 9:00pm, under the title «Cinema and Flamenco».

The show will consist of an original performance that combines film with live flamenco music, and in which the images appear on the screen without sound so that the live soundtrack performances are performed by bass-player Pepe Bao, the most recent winner of the Filón prize of the Cante de las Minas, accompanied on guitar and vocals by Lin Cortez, the cajón and percussion of Miguel Lamas and Santiago Campillo as guest artist.

The images will consist of a series of scenes from the most important films that have been related to flamenco throughout the last century, making a chronological journey from the first recordings that existed of the art of flamenco, to the most recent.

For accompaniment, Bao will develop a series of musical compositions to interact with the images that are projected, which include tarantas, guajiras, tangos,

tanguillos and bulerías, among others, promising to make the show a truly extraordinary event of the highest order.

Francisco Barnabé wishes to highlight the uniqueness of the initiative which arose from a proposal of the Regional Film Archive, and upon which the Cante de las Mines has

decided to embark without any reservations through one of its honored winners, taking into account the tremendous appeal it offers.  Lorca stressed that in some cases these are

very old images from the early days of cinema, material which is held by the Spanish film archive.  The show begins with a brief excerpt in black and white of the Lumière

brothers, inventors of photography and cinematography. The brief images included here were recorded in 1900.   From this point on the sequences proceed as follows:

  • “La Malagueña et le Torero”. Alice Guy (1905).
  • “El dorado”. Marcel l’Hervier (1921).
  • “Une Danse Gitane peu a peu Triste et Fontaine comme son âme”.
  • Concha Burrul and El Viruta dance with the group of Miguel Borrull (Barcelona 1929).
  • La Bodega. Benito Perojo (1930). Concha Piquer.
  • La hija de Juan Simón. José Luis Sáenz de Heredia (1935). Carmen Amaya.
  • Morena Clara. Florián Rey (1936).
  • La Argentinita and Pilar López. Bulerías (1937).
  • Duende y Misterio del Flamenco. Edgar Neville (1952).
  • Bulerías of Mari Luz at the Alhambra in Granada.
  • Martinetes of Antonio with “El Pili” (Ronda).
  • Tanguillos.
  • Zapateado of Roberto Jiménez.
  • Bulerías (1961).
  • Los Tarantos. Francisco Rovira Veleta (1963).
  • El Amor Brujo. Carlos Saura (1986). Antonio Gades and Cristina Hoyos.
  • Sevillanas. Carlos Saura (1992). Lola Flores.
  • Iberia. Carlos Saura (2005). Antonio Canales.
  • Morente Sueña la Alhambra. José Sánchez-Montes (2005). Estrella and Enrique Morente.

Tickets for the show are on sale at the ticket-windows of the Filmoteca at the price of 6 euros.

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