Terrible unexpected news. Paco de Lucia has just died. Irreparable loss not only for lovers of guitar or flamenco, but for the world of music in general.

Paco met Camarón in the late sixties and went on to record ten records with him, forming one of the most important artistic couples of the twentieth century. These two geniuses turned flamenco inside-out offering a new way of seeing, hearing and interpreting flamenco that had not be known before.  New rhythms and harmonies were incorporated, revolutionizing the way of playing flamenco guitar and attracting thousands of young people to the magic of flamenco.

Pioneer of the fusion of flamenco with other genres such as jazz, blues, pop, salsa and bossa nova, he carried out decades of exemplary work studying, researching, composing and performing with the guitar, with a prolific discography of at least thirty recordings, creating a very personal extraordinary style, more than amply backed up by the numerous awards and recognitions he received, including, of course, the Golden Castillete of the International Festival del Cante de las Minas, the highest distinction awarded by our event.

It is no exaggeration to say that everything that can be expressed with the six strings of the guitar, has been done by Paco, in addition to his ability to transcend borders and styles to become a universal musician, merits that would eventually make him the most innovative and influential flamenco artist in the history of the genre.

He has left us, and yet he is still with us, because he has left a great legacy: his recordings, his recitals and especially for us, his last two performances at La Unión in 2005 and 2010, in which the audience was blown away by his art, and for which there are not enough adjectives to describe these concerts: spectacular, superb, grand, majestic, authentic, impressive, extraordinary, passionate, phenomenal, marvelous, surprising.  Those were Paco’s last two evenings of the Festival de Las Minas.  He can not return in 2015 as was our intention, but La Unión is committed to preserving his name for posterity.

On behalf of all the people and institutions that make up the Cante de las Minas Foundation, and of all the people of La Unión, our deepest sympathy for such an

irreparable loss.  May the legend rest in peace and be with us forever.

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Presentación del cartel anunciador de la LX Edición del Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas, obra de Pedro Diego Pérez Casanova, con la actuación del cantaor Matías López Expósito ‘El Mati’-ganador de la Lámpara Minera 2019- acompañado a la guitarra por David Caro.

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