The Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM) has once again this year organizedone of its summer courses in our town under the heading «La Unión: the Presence of Cultures».

The initiative was developed by the Department of Human and Religious Sciences of this university, and was attended by nearly 30 young students.

After being officially received at the Casa del Piñón by our Mayor, Francisco Bernabé, the participants completed a tour of the town, the Mining Park and museums in order to become familiar with our life and customs, our mining roots and their cultural influence, as well as the ecological disaster of Portman.

With this initiative, as with the University Congresses of Flamenco that will soon be carried out in cooperation with the UCAM through the International Faculty of Flamencology, La Unión has become a college town in the summer, favoring the visit of students from outside our town over a period of several days.

The course was coordinated by Esteban Bernal Aguirre and Ricardo Lafuente Terrer.

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Presentación del cartel anunciador de la LX Edición del Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas, obra de Pedro Diego Pérez Casanova, con la actuación del cantaor Matías López Expósito ‘El Mati’-ganador de la Lámpara Minera 2019- acompañado a la guitarra por David Caro.

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Fecha: Viernes 23 de Abril de 2021
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